David ‘newjerz05’ Jackson After Topping A Field of 496 Entries

2016 WSOP online bracelet winner, Clayton ‘nevarlucky’ Maguire held the chips [taking the lead when the eight-handed final table was set, while McKeehen sat in third chip position. The first elimination of the day occurred when David ‘newjerz05’ Jackson got an all-in K Diamond Suit Q Diamond Suit, only to run into A Spades Suit A Diamond Suit from fellow short pile Lee’SoccerDJ ‘Vlastaris. Jackson paired his kings on the flop but was unable to raise any further and hit the rail in eighth place ($ 28,951).

Nathan “congenital9” Russler was the next to fall. He got his last chip in preflop with A Diamond Coat5 Heart Suit. Vlastaris is called A Club Shirt Q Club Shirt. Both players paired their aces, but Russler’s lower shot resulted in him crashing out in seventh place. She earned $ 38,601 for her strong performance on this show visit dewapoker

Maguire came to the final table with the lead, but fell to the bottom of the pack during six-handed play. In her last hand she pushed under the big drapes of the little ones holding a diamond suit. Frank “thewholefunk” Funaro calls out from the big blind in A Heart Suit 7 Diamond Suit. Both players paired their lower cards and the Funaro event was enough to send Maguire home a sixth-placed finisher for $ 52,624.

Despite scoring two early knockouts at the final table, Vlastaris was the next to run out of chips. He canceled the last 1.7 million of the big blind with A Heart Suit 10 Heart Suit facing a small-blind push from Funaro, who was holding A Club Shirt 3 Heart Suit. Funaro made the numbers nine and three in the end, which were good enough to knock out Vlastaris in fifth place ($ 72,979).

Zhi Hong ‘Jaydestar17’ Huang’s run on the show ended when he got all-in on the flop Q Shovel Suit 4 Heart Suit 3 Club Shirt holding 6 Diamond Suits 4 Diamond Suits. He was called by Funaro, who was holding 10 Diamond Suits 10 Club Shirts. Heart Suits Turn 9 and Q River Club Shirts made dozens of front pockets and Huang finished fourth, bringing in $ 103,136.