Gambling companies saw a big increase in complaints

The number of gamblers moaning about British betting companies has grown by almost 5,000% in the last five years.

There was a record 8,266 complaints about complaints last year, according to Gambling Commission figures obtained by BBC Landscape. That’s compared to just 169 in 2013. Most of them are about companies that refuse to pay winning bets or fail to work responsibly in a socially responsible way. This increase has followed a sharp rise in UK gambling during the last decade.

‘Good sign’
The big betting companies have pledged £ 60 million a year to help gamblers with problems and explained they are working on ideas to reduce the dangers associated with gambling.

Neil McArthur, chief executive of the Gambling Commission, explained that there are complex facts for the increase in complaints. “We are moving the industry to know its loyal customers, and some of these are actually, possibly, good signs because they show that customers are demanding more and more gambling operators. And I will motivate them to always do that, ”he said. The industry has grown rapidly since the government lifted a ban on betting and placing of ads in 2007.

Gamblers today are losing nearly twice as much to betting companies as they were ten years ago. Last year, passengers lost a record £ 14.5 billion. The biggest increase took place in online gambling, where new games and products have attracted new loyal customers.

Amanda, not her real name, doesn’t want to be detected. He was in his 50s when he started betting on an online site called Jackpotjoy. He is risking all his money from marketing his residence. When his father died, he inherited his side of the house, and he lost it at Jackpotjoy.

‘Bubble world’
In total, Amanda lost £ 633,000. He made the last bet on the day he went bankrupt. “I really do exist in the world of the lost bubble,” he said. “For me it’s just an escape and I’m just going to sit online and I’m just going to push buttons on my computer.