The poker industry to thrive and grow

I wonder what could be the process of the millions of picnic players currently limiting their poker play to home games, if the playing fees were reduced to, say, $ 15 / hour, or less. I would venture to explain that some of them are visiting their local casinos more and more frequently. That will help the poker industry to develop and grow, which is called Robert’s direction.

Casinos will fill their empty tables with more and more seniors, making up for the lower rakes. That can possibly be a problem, especially in the afternoons and mornings during the five working days of the week when some of the young players (must be 21 or over to play at most casinos) who work for a living are at work and not around.

looks like win-win to me. And while we’re in it, what will happen if the casino offers a competition with ever lower entry and entry fees? How many more picnic poker players are rushing to the casino? Also, what about competitions for senior citizens only, which are planned with the determination to reduce pressure on aging players to make them less depressed and happier?

Hold the work day, starting with a buffet lunch just before noon. Casinos can also offer free bus rides from the senior center. It can be quite an experience – something aging picnic players crave. Quite a few members of Claude Pepper Seniors’ Poker Line – all the picnic players who love the game – have taken the opportunity, sometimes, to play at the local casino. These are retirees who often live off regular income, particularly social collateral, pensions and savings. $ 150 or about $ 180 for a six-hour session, more than they earned. Indeed, a large number of home losers.